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Important Cost Information 

Most of our one day training classes are $130.00 (unless specified).
We offer a discount if you register and pay at least one week prior to the
course date. The one-day course discounted fee is $100.00 (pending space).

Please note that the ToDay class fee is $225.00 (unless specified). We offer
a discounted fee of $175.00, if registration and payment is received at least
one week prior to course date (pending space).

Seats are not guaranteed until payment is received, in full.
Once your seat is reserved with payment, we do not offer refunds, transfers
or credits for any reason.
All classes begin at 9:00am sharp. Please allow ample travel time to
arrive at 8:45am. Late entries are not allowed – NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you arrive at 9:01am, you are late and will forfeit your course fees. The late policy
also applies to retrning after lunch.  If you are late, you will forfeit your course fees
and you will not receive course credit hours.  You are required to have the following
at check-in. One government issued picture ID, such as a drivers license or state
identification card. Your second form of ID needs to be your wallet sized professional
license card. If you do not have your wallet card, a copy of your full size license will
serve as your second form of ID.  Your professional license number is required in
order to process your CE credit hours.  We can no longer accept social security numbers.
You need both ID's to be admitted into class.
Refunds will not be given for improper identification.

All classes listed below are approved by South
Carolina Board of Cosmetology as continuing
education credit for esthetics or cosmetology
licensure.  See course descriptions and feedback


Acne - Making a Difference
Our market is full of people from all age groups and all walks of life
suffering from some form of acne. This hands-on course will teach you about
contributing factors as well as valuable tools and treatments that work.
Don’t let this part of your clientele suffer the consequences of you not knowing
how to help them. This course will cover contributing factors in acne breakouts,
examination of the physical facts of acne and helpful ingredients in the
cosmeceutical field that can help your clients win the acne war.

*NEW* Anti-Aging – How Old is Your Skin
An in depth review of the aging process including intrinsic and extrinsic factors
affect the aging process. Are your clients sabotaging your work?
This course will
discuss ways to educate your clients about how and what
they are doing affects
the way they look, and what you can do to slow down
the process. Prevention,
nutrition and available services to help you get the job
done, will be covered during
this hands-on course. Baby boomers are ready
to spend the money if you are ready
to help. Learn the tips needed to give
them the results they crave.

Back to Basics Make Up
This is a new course offering application tips for all areas of the face including
contouring and lash application. You will learn tips on how to provide the best
results while using optimal safety and sanitation methods. This course also
offers specific brush usage to offer a make-up application that stands above
the rest. Become the artist that clients want to see for all of their make-up
needs.This course will offer demonstrations through each portion and is not
a hands-on course.

Chemical Peels

An in depth review of a variety of enzymes and acids used for this high end
service. You will learn how to properly apply acids in a way to benefit individuals
for the best possible outcome. This course teaches the history and progress
we have made with chemical peels and how to customize services before and
after the peel. Overcome your fears and gain confidence in your ability to
provide a service that can become a valuable part of your service menu.
Hands-on experience is part of this course.

Ethnic Skin Care
This hands-on course will help curb your fears of working on darker skin types.
We will dispel the myths and you will learn how to work on this growing market
of individuals with a wide variety of skin conditions that need effective skin
care. Whether you are in a predominately ethnic area or simply have clientele
with darker skin, you will benefit from knowing the do’s and don’ts of ethnic skin.

*NEW* Going Medical – Licensed Estheticians in a Medical Market
There is no such thing as a Licensed Medical Esthetician in South Carolina!
Med-Spas and doctor’s offices, everywhere, are looking for estheticians to fill
in the blanks of their practice. What are they asking you to do? Do you really
want to do that? Are you allowed to do what they are asking? This course
will cover the limits of your scope of practice, while answering the questions
that we hear every day about what we can, and cannot, do with our
South Carolina Esthetician licenses. We will cover the differences between
esthetic and medically delegated services, to help you decide if you
really want to go medical. We will discuss the pros and cons of “Medical Esthetics”
courses that charge hundreds or thousands of dollars, their validity and/or
lack thereof. Hands-on experience is part of this course.

Male Skin Care
This hands-on course will introduce you to a market that is exploding. Male
skin care is becoming more and more popular. Learn the topics that are
specific to this market and how you can expand your business while making
your business more approachable to men and their skin care needs.

Microdermabrasion and Physical Exfoliation
An in depth review of the theories, application and methods for this very
popular skin care procedure. You will learn how to maximize services by
learning how to integrate procedures before and after physical exfoliation
to provide the best possible outcome. A review of treatment options for
different skin types supporting the use of physical exfoliation in the skin care
clinic is covered during this hands-on course.

Skin Care Ingredients
A hands-on course that will walk you through skin care ingredients and the
science behind them. Learn about active ingredients of cosmeceuticals, how
they work, and how they differ from the “drug store” choices. You will learn
how to properly choose ingredients to provide the best service protocols
available. This class is not brand specific.

Spotlight on Pigmentation Issues
This problem has become your clientele's biggest complaint. Learn the how
and why behind these issues and get the tools to help them get the
results they crave. This in depth course will cover the science behind the
causes behind each type of blemish and the ingredients and techniques
that can effectively stop the cycle. This is a hands-on course.

Taking It All Off - Hair Removal
This course will cover facial and body waxing, including a full Brazilian. You will
learn about different types of wax and how they work best for specific
applications or areas of the face or body. If you are interested in learning more
about this highlly lucrative service menu, this is the class for you. There will be
an option for models for the demonstartion portion. If you are interested,
please let us know during pre-registration.
*This class will either show a video or use a live demo, of a full Brazillian, with
necessary nudity, and is open to licensed professionals only.*

ToDay Esthetics Training
This hands-on course will take you through the importance of skin care basics
of how and why skin works the way it does. A proper skin analysis must be
the first step in recommending any service and this course will cover how to
make sure you know what you see. Learn about options and services you can
provide to an evolving skin care market more educated than ever. Clients have
questions. Do you have the answers? This is a two-day, twelve credit hour
course. You must attend both days.

*NEW* What Is It? – The Importance of Skin Analysis and Record Keeping
This requested topic will give an in depth review of the skin and all its wonder.
We’ll cover the different layers and their dependent functions work to represent
the big picture. This course includes tips on what to ask to offer a complete
consultation, as well as suspicious looking lesions, and new diseases, to keep
you on your toes. You’ll know what you’re looking at, what to look for,
and why it’s important. This course allows you to examine your fellow students
skin to see if you can complete your checklist. You can’t offer your clients the
best recommended treatment protocols until you know exactly what they need.


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